Claim the privilege of hunting according to the dictates of your own conscience, and allow all hunters the same privilege;
let them practice how, where, or what they may.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Approving Comments and Other Fobiles

My friends,
Unfortunately I can't even get into the logon function to approve your comments.
Hippo thanks for stopping by! Freedom, as expressed by Thomas Jefferson is a universal truth for everyone. It is a shame that even we, his National progeny, don't realize that. There are many that would trade it for imagined security. To quote Founding Father Benjamin Franklin,
"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

NorCal, they will allow me access to my blog in time, but the rational is that there are "porn" blog sites. So all blogs are forbidden, and they don't have time to go through each and every blog that exists. I'm hoping that they will allow me to put together a list of the 300 or so blogs I read, and approve them. I let you know how that works out...
ColoradoCaster, Thanks for visiting! Appreciate the nice comment, and happy to be of service! It's a handy little thing this email blogger but I have no idea how to add pictures or format the post. I'm just happy to post a note to everyone.
Thanks again everyone!
Best regards!
Albert A Rasch
Qalat City, Zabul Province, Afghanistan
Standing Ready when the Wolves Growl at the Door...

The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
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Rumors of My Demise Have Been Exagerated

Hello everyone!
I'm using the email version of Blogger as the geniuses at Home Office have contracted a new internet service provider that has blocked all Blogs!
Not only that, but I am shuttling about several bases, covering for other Site Managers on leave. In addition I am soon to be posted to a new base that I have affectionately named "Skull Mountain" When I can convince the powers that be, that TROC is not a subversive blog, I'll post pictures and you shall see why I gave it that moniker.
Hopefully, you are all having a great summer with lots of fun and frolic. You all just keep that up, and pitch a couple of cold ones back for me! Enjoy your families and your friends too.

Best regards,
Albert A Rasch
Somewhere in Afghanistan
Standing Ready when the Wolves Growl at the Door...

The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
The Range Reviews: Tactical